Pinterest Fail Number 1

So, sometimes great things come out of the lovely Pinterest. Other times, we get some not so great things. I am completely addicted to the site, and have boards upon boards filled with grand images for inspiration and future projects. So far, I have had fairly good luck with my results. That was until this little pouch came around.


I have been going back to this project for some time now, and with my new treadmill routine, I had the need for a nice pair of earbuds. So I though this was the perfect opportunity to make this particular little project happen.  I poured over the “instructions” if you could call them that. ( it was just a series of images…) and told myself that it wouldn’t be that difficult. I had some coordinating scrap fabric lying around, and just took a zipper out of a skirt, so its not like the project would cost anything out of pocket. I threw my caution to the wind, and dove right in.



Here’s what I used! Some scrap interfacing and fabric and an old zipper. I started by tracing a circle form the ribbon to make sure they were uniform. I then cut out said circles., and cut one set of circles in half. I used what was left of the bottom fabric and cut a small tab out and sewed it together.20160318_130100


I used the safety pin trick of this one to turn it right side out again. It gave me a little trouble, but nothing a little finagling wouldn’t fix. I folded it in half, and sewed it together again, and tada! One completed tab.




So, now for the body. The pictures made it look like you just layered them on top of each other, ( right sides together) put it on the zipper, and sewed. So I did just that.


This is where I should have taken my first queue that something was amiss. The fabric and the interfacing didn’t line up right. I was excited with how things were coming a long, and  more nervous that this was the first time I had sewn anything with a zipper to pay it much mind. So, I sewed one side, the flipped it and did the same to the other. In hindsight, I don’t think I should have sewn the blue fabric, which would be the inside on at this point. It left a big bunch of fabric on the inside, that wasn’t exactly pretty. I think sewing the blue on separately may have hidden that part. Anyway. It didn’t look half bad  from this point. I placed the little tab, making sure the zipper pull was inside where I was going to be sewing.



Again, I should have been paying attention to how the fabric wasn’t lining up, but I didn’t. So, at this point I put the back pieces together, ( right sides together!) and sewed the whole thing shut. Well… Tried to. This is where things went south FAST. The fabric slid a little and I ended up missing an entire portion of the fabric. Instead of taking out what I had just sewn, I just sewed a new line to get what I missed. Well,  as you can now see, its not so much a circle anymore, but more of an oval. I was OK with this ( or so I thought) and proceeded to cut off all the excess stuff.



I then spent the next twenty minutes trying to turn the thing right-side out. The zipper could not be pressed downward, and I learned at that point, that there are such things as “locking zippers’. TIL.

I FINALLY managed to use a tool to pull the zipper down enough for me to get my fingers inside to turn it. My gut hit the floor. It was SO SMALL!  I figured that the earbuds were small, and compact, It would be fiiiiiiiiiine…. right?




Nope. They didn’t fit. Not even a little bit. Sure i might be able to smash them all together and get it zipped, but that was the fast track to ruining the new earbuds i just got. So, I hung my head for a minute and tried to figure out where I went wrong. It then dawned on me, that I had never measured the headphones at all. So, here’s what went wrong.


  1. Measure the thing you want to put in the pouch.
  2. Measure the fabric
  3. account for seam allowance
  4. Remeasure everything
  5. Measure once more just in case
  6. if it doesn’t line up the first time, the sewing machine isn’t going to magically fix your mistake.
  7. Slippery fabric can require a different foot
  8. Don’t take the shortcut, take out your mistake, and redo it.

But in the end, I was happy with what I had done. Sure its to small for anything but a coin purse for a small child at this point. but I’, confident that when I make it again, I will have a much better product at the end. All of these things are lessons learned, and being a total sewing novice, these are all things I will have to experience to learn from.




So, I’ll chalk this one up as a Pinterest Fail. I’m sure there will be many many more in the future. But there will also be some pretty awesome wins to come out of that stack as well.  Let me know about any Pinterest Fail you have encountered, or one of your best lessons learned from a project below! I’d love to hear!

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