I am by no means a breakfast person. Growing up, breakfast was awesome. My dad made really great french toast, there was always a choice of cereals, and  cinnamon sugar toast. But once high school hit, I stopped eating breakfast, and never really picked up the habit again. Its terrible, I know. Breakfast is suuuuuuuuper important. I just cant seam to get excited about breakfast foods, especially when half of the time eggs are the least appetizing thing my brain can think of. My husband is a huge proponent of breakfast though, and he has made me promise to make a conscious effort to eat more of it.




Normally, I will just toast an English muffin and put some apple butter on it, but as I was scrolling though my Facebook feed the other day, this video from Tasty came up, and it looked positively delicious.  Its a creamed spinach and egg bread bowl. I had everything on hand sans the bread bowl and mozzarella, so I just used my trusty English muffin and some Colby jack cheese instead. It was really simple to make! The creamed spinach took a little time, I halved the recipe, and it still made a ton.  The messiest part was trying to keep everything in the small crater that I cut out of the English muffin. It all worked out in the end, and it was absolutely delicious! I liked it so much, I went back and made a second one. Good thing I had all that extra creamed spinach!


In case the link above wont work, here’s the recipe. Again all credit goes to the people over at Buzzfeed/Tasty.



Creamed spinach:
20oz spinach
6 Tbsp. butter
1/4 diced onion
1/4 cup flour
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp black pepper

Breakfast bowl:
1 sourdough bread bowl
1 slice Mozzarella cheese
Creamed spinach
1 egg


1. In a large pan, sauté spinach until cooked then place in a strainer to drain excess water.
2. Melt butter and cook onion until soft. Whisk in flour. Make sure there are no lumps. Add cream and milk, then stir until thickened.
3. Return spinach to mixture. Add salt, nutmeg and pepper, then stir until fully incorporated.
4. Hollow out a sourdough bowl, line the hole with mozzarella cheese, then spoon creamed spinach in. Spoon a dip in the middle, then crack an egg in the dip so it doesn’t fall out of the bowl.
5. Bake at 350˚F / 175˚C for 25 minutes, until the egg is set and the white has solidified.
6. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

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Unfinished Business

Over the past week, My husband and I got to celebrate our one year anniversary! It was wonderful. I got all dressed up and we went out to a spectacular dinner. Its so weird how it feel likes we have been together for a lifetime, yet its feels like we just got married yesterday. I’m so fortunate to be able to share this life with him.


First of Many


I have also had a pile of unfinished business in my office, that I have moved around several times , telling myself that I would get to it “next” week. well “next” week has been going on for almost 4 months now. I figured that it was high time I did something about it before the pile got any larger.  So, first on the list was a character painting I was supposed to be working on for an online craft exchange. I had had the outline drawn and inked for a week or so, but was dreading trying to put color to it. I figured that this was a good of a place as any to start. So, I got out all the different paints I had, and made some copies of the sketch, put on some great music, and got to work. The first one I did was in watercolors. I’m still a total noob with watercolors, and I tent to try to make them solid like an acrylic. The end result was on the right in the image below. It was OK, but not really what I was looking for. I didn’t like him sitting on a stark white background, so I tried the watercolors again, trying to keep them true to their medium on a background. That one is the one on the left.




I let these sit out for a day or two, telling myself that done was better than perfect. I was going to cut the one on the right out, and place it on the left. I still had a few copies of the picture left, and decided to give it one more go. I had some acrylic paints out and thought that the contrast of the watercolor background and the solidity of the acrylic might be a cool look. So, I sat down early one morning, fully intent to paint for an hour or so. Well, 6 hours later, I look up from a finished picture and marvel at where the day went. But that led me to this, and I will say, for a total novice, I’m pretty happy with the result!



Next up on my unfinished pile was a cross stitch that I had given my husband for his birthday. I totally underestimated how long it would take me to do, so I had to give him a work in progress… back in November. So it was WAY past due that I knock this one out. As it would happen, I do my best stitching while on the couch and a good show on Netflix. Well… we had some catching up to do on shows, since Season 4 of House of Cards, and Season 2 of Daredevil have been out of Netflix. So it was time for a bingeflix marathon! It was great. Its totally lazy, but I love just sitting on the couch with my husband, surrounded by sleeping pets, with a fun project in hand. Both shows were excellent too.  They both just came out, and I already cant wait for the next installments!



So here it is! Finished and framed! My husband works in the technology field, and had established quite the Lord Vader persona at work, which his staff  fully embraces. So this little guy will go with him to work. I made the pattern myself, and am really happy with the end result.


I also made some time for a fun sewing project! It was a Pinterest find, and was very easy to make. Although the end result was… well… I’ll explain in the next post.


Till then!

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The Snowpocalypse

Thanks to the big snow storm over the weekend, we have been cooped up in the house. I haven’t minded at all though. Being from Florida, snow is still a very new thing, so when we got close to 18 inches of it, I was in a veritable winter wonderland! (until I had to shovel it that is…)




I was really excited to take my dog, Kora into the snow. It was her first, and she loved it beyond belief. She would try to eat the snow as it was falling, eat all the snow on the ground, and eat even more snow if you throw it at her. It was pretty funny to watch. She now gets crazy excited if I put on boots or a coat because she thinks its time to go play  in the snow. Shes such a great dog.



Often times, when I am stuck in the house, I tend to want to cook or bake something. I had seen this delicious looking video on s’more brownies and new it had to be done. The recipe itself is super easy, and it can be thrown together in just a few minutes. What you do, is you take a box brownie mix and make it as the box directs. Pour about half in the pan, then put a layer of graham crackers, a layer of chocolate bars ( I used half Hershey bars and half semi sweet chocolate chips because that’s what was in the pantry.) and a layer of the giant marshmallows, then pour the remaining brownie batter on top. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.




Boom. That’s magic right there. It was absolutely delicious! It tasted more like a molten lava cake then s’mores, but that was ok with me. You’ll want to serve it hot though. as it cools down, the marshmallows begin to solidify again and it can get quite messy and chewy. But oh man was it worth it. I will be making these again that’s for sure.


The other thing that has kept me pretty occupied have been these wonderful things called Powersheets. They were created by Lara Casey, ( ) and have completely opened my mind to a whole new level of planning and goal setting. I’m a perfectionist. I will stop any sort of progress because i talk myself out of success, and make a million different reasons on why I cant do something. But, as I mentioned in a previous post, my word for the year has been “follow-through”, and I intend to follow though with that ( ha. see what I did there =P ) Essentially, these things try to help set you up for success by breaking down the big scary goals into manageable bits. It motivates you along the way, and provides an astounding community for support. I’m usually not into these kinds of things, but let me tell you that this women speaks to my soul. She preaches progress not perfection, and that done is better than perfect. I need to let go of the control death grip I have on life so that I can actually live it. While a lot of hers have to deal with her relationship with religion, and that doesn’t apply to me, I’m able to take that and focus it on other things that matter to my life specifically. The set of Powersheets I have are for 6 months, so be prepared to watch my progress with them I’m really excited about it.




Here’s to hoping the snowplows will get to us soon,  and that school will soon be back in session. While I adore my family, I really do cherish the absolute quiet around the house while everyone is gone. I’m behind on housework, so that should be the plan for the next few days. Then, I would really like to get to work on my very first quilt. I’ve had the fabric for a little while( YAY STAR WARS!!!) , and my husband bought me the sewing machine I’ve been pining after for months for Christmas. Granted, I have no idea how to use it, but that should be a fun adventure in and of itself. Would quilt progress be something you would be interested in seeing? Do you have any crafts you’ve always wanted to do? Let me know!


Until next time –


<3 A


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