Gotta catch em all!


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Like the rest of the world, I too am completely obsessed with Pokemon Go. It speaks to me on such a nostalgic level. I was in trouble the moment I opened the app. If you have been living under a rock for the past week, Pokemon Go is a game for your phone that uses Google Maps to let you catch Pokemon in your real world environment. The key here is, that in order to catch, and train them, you will need to go exploring. Key landmarks become Pokemon Gyms,  or places called Pokestops, that give you items. After you reach level 5, you gain the ability to join one of three distinct teams; Team Mystic, Instinct or Valor. People are very devoted to their respective teams. While simple in concept, this game has taken over. Local businesses that are Pokestops will advertise and give specials to try and lure more potential customers. The sheer number of people who are out and about is amazing. The day after the game came out, I went to a nearby park and lo and behold, there were at least 100 people  scouring the entire area for Pokemon. A sideways glance and a smile at passerby’s, and you knew what they were doing. After 20 minutes or so, we kept running into the same people and conversations started. What team were you on? Whats your best catch? Have you found the ________ that’s around here yet? It was camaraderie like I have only ever seen on a playground full of children. awkwardness was thrown to the wind, as this large group of people came together over a simple phone game. I think this is fantastic on so many levels. Personally, I’m excited for the exercise. Walking for miles is now instantly rewarding. I have met new friends, and sparked some interesting conversations. I have explored areas of my town and city that I normally would never have gone to. This game is taking people who normally would never go outside, and giving us a common goal. Yes, there have been some bad experiences to spawn from the game, but in my opinion, the good greatly outweighs the negative.


In the past 3 days, I have walked over 20 miles. 20 MILES. Nothing has motivated me to get up and go like this before. I’ve started to track how many steps I go everyday in my bullet journal, and I cant wait to see where this takes me. What an amazing time to be a nerd!


So, I’m level 14 so far, and I’m a proud member of Team Valor. I chose Charmander as my starter, and what I have caught so far is below.  I really want to try and find some of my favorite Pokemon, Raichu, Archanine, Ninetails, Charizard and Dragonair. That’s proving to be quite difficult. Guess I just have to get out and and do more Pokexploring!


Screenshot_20160714-143809               Screenshot_20160714-143850               Screenshot_20160714-143904               Screenshot_20160714-143923               Screenshot_20160714-143931                Screenshot_20160714-143937

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The Slow Season

So its clearly been a minute since I checked in. Sorry about that! I’m in what I have deemed “The Slow Season.” Nothing has been going on. I haven’t had much motivation to make anything. I even find myself just staring off into nowhere land for a good period of time before I snap back to the here and now.  It really hasn’t been all that pleasant to tell you the truth. But these times happen, and that’s OK. In the meantime, you just have to weather what gets thrown your way the best you can. As I mentioned before, its all about progress, not perfection. Progress can be a loopy, zig zag of a line sometimes, but its progress all the same.


So, in lieu of what I’ve done, I’ll fill you in on what I plan on doing!

I got some really cute fabric, and it inspired me to finally try my hand at sewing clothes for myself. I have a pattern.


( McCalls M6931 if your curious)

I opened it up today with full intention to start and got really intimidated by all the lines. So I put it away and will try again tomorrow. ( Or maybe save it for when my mom comes up and she can walk me through it). I also have been mapping out these great “un-paper towels” for a friend of mine. Getting the right terry cloth was more of a headache than you can imagine, but I have everything I need now, and am anxious to start. I also want to make another headphone case for another fiend, and a case for an external battery for my phone. So I certainly have things to do, I just need to find that motivation and Oomph to get to work on them.


In gaming news, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster was released for steam the other day. Final Fantasy X is one of my all time favorite games. I spend hours and hours on my Playstation 2 when it came out. I have really fond memories of that game. I’m really excited to get to relive them in a remastered form. So I have been spending a fairly significant amount of time playing that. I’m the kind of person that will grind out enemies for an exorbitant amount of time so that I can be over prepared for boss fights. It can get tedious, but thankfully games like this have phenomenal background music.


I also saw that the next iteration of the Pokemon franchise was announced! Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to release Holiday this year. I saw the starers for the games, and wasn’t exactly blown away. The fire starter is a cat though, and seeing as how I will 99% of the time choose a fire Pokemon to start, that should be right up my alley.


Litten, here I come!

That’s all for me folks. Sorry again for the huge gap in posts.

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Let the productivness ensue

This past week has been full of projects! We have been fixing things around the house, and the largest of these undertakings has been to repair the front entry way. It took several days of caulking, priming, and painting for it to be done, but I’m quite pleased with the end result! That being said, this project has sapped me of most of my energy and willpower to do much of anything else.



I did manage to finally finish a bankers chair that I had been working on for the past year, and I restored a cool frame I found in the attic, and turned it into a chalkboard. I am drawn to antiques. I have been surrounded with them my whole life. My Mother is an avid collector. To me, its fascinating to think of the stories the pieces could tell if they could. I will almost always try to salvage an old piece of furniture or decor before buying something new. I’m a total novice when it comes to refinishing stuff though. I’m not really thrilled with the chair, but I can identify where I went wrong. I also like the idea of my chalkboard, but I think the quality of the chalkboard paint I had was sub-par. But, its all progress in a sense.

20160331_105300    20160407_100734






The other venture I have been taking on , has been to try and find a planner that I like. I am a major write it down and make a list kind of person, and have had major success with Lara Casey’s Powersheets. I would really like to add some other features to really make it work for me. I cant seem to find a pre-made planner system that has everything I want in it though. I’m trying to design my own, with no such luck. Do you have a planner you really like?


I’ve also been playing a lot of the remastered Twilight Princess for the Wii-U. I was so thrilled to find out they were remaking the game. I never got to play much of it originally, because i was so atrocious with the Wii’s controls. I’m really enjoying it so far! I’m still in the beginning, I just got to Lake Hylia.


Sorry this post is pretty lacking. I do have several fun projects in the works for this week and next week though! I’m making some linen envelopes that I’m excited to share, and I’m doing my take on some Un-paper towels! Be sure to check back!

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It all started with the rocks…

I have always been a collector of things .  I remember being very little and collecting rocks from everywhere we went. In fact, there was a family trip to the Grand Canyon, and I must have only been 4 or 5. But I remember pick up so many rocks I filled my pockets, then my cousins pockets. So much so that we couldn’t walk without our pants falling to our ankles. My mother was worried about why we were falling so far behind, until she saw all the rocks. She laughed and laughed, but ultimately made us empty or pockets. Its odd to think that out of all the majesty the Grand Canyon had to offer, all I can remember are those silly rocks in my pockets.



Nowadays I can identify that I have a tendency to collect  a dangerously large amount of things. I like to have them out and to look at them. I attach memories to them and they make me smile. I cant seem to limit myself to just one genre either. I have a bunch of retro video games and systems, Star Wars T-shirts,  books and comics, Vintage jewelry, and art nouveau sterling serving dishes to name a few. As of recently though, I have been rather obsessed with action figures. With the relaunch of Sailor Moon last year, the amount of new merchandise has shot through the roof. A very dear friend of mine bought me the Bandai Tamashii Nations Sailor Moon S.H. Figurearts Action Figure. She was highly detailed, and was fully poseable with different hands and faces. I thought this was the bees knees. I promptly ordered a few more, and my dive into action figures was complete. Since Sailor Moon is so near and dear to my heart, I will usually lean towards those first, but I have also since gotten a Card Captor Sakura Figurearts, and was just as happy. I also have a love for Asuna from Sword Art Online. I think she had a really awesome character design, and liked her character as a whole, so I have a few figures of her as well.










This is one of the shelves in my office. I absolutely adore the Kallax/Expedit shelves from Ikea. We may or may not own at least three of them. As you can see, its really busy. This bad boy houses a few of the things that I have carried with me since I was young, and doubt I will ever get rid of, and some newer additions as well. It is a royal pain to clean and dust, but I would much rather deal with that then to just keep everything in a box somewhere. Some of my favorite things on here are my Yuna figure, the Gold Zelda cartridge, the moogle mug, and the lightsaber hilt that my father and I built together. If you have any questions about anything, or want to see more, let me know!



This weekend is going to be a busy one for us. We are meeting a friend and her family for lunch, then delving into some long overdue home repair projects. I also started a new sewing project that I cant wait to share the details about!


That, and there will always be some time for some Pokemon!

One last thought, Did you know Pandora has a station dedicated to video game music? I stumbled on it today, and must say it shows some amazing promise. With a little tweaking for likes and dislikes here and there it makes the absolute PERFECT background music if you don’t want to be distracted.  Check it out!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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This last week has been filled with reorganizing. Reorganizing priorities, reorganizing my office, and reorganizing my newly acquired and ever growing  stash of fabric!

As I mentioned in the last post, I have been really trying to focus on becoming more active through the Couch to 5K program. This has been week 2, and its been going really well! I have just been repeating the week 1 Day 1 workout to really get more comfortable with the new activity level, but as of Thursday, I moved to Day 2 with no difficulty. I am so proud of my progress, no matter how small. I’m starting to feel better, and although I’m completely exhausted after my workouts, its a happy fulfilled exhausted.

I’m working on a sewing project for a friend, and needed to go visit  the fabric store to look for some Terry cloth ( which doesn’t currently exist in any color besides pastels) and I always have to go check the remnant bin. At my store, everything in the remnant bin is 50% off. For me, this is great. Most things are under a yard, and I can get some really great deals on more expensive fabric, that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford. For now, I will primarily stick to anything cotton, and man oh man did I find a ton of really beautiful stuff! My Mother always told me to prewash my fabric, and iron it before i put it away, and that has always stuck with me. I don’t mind ironing so much, but dealing with the flyaway threads can be a pain. So without further ado, here she is! My ever growing stash!


I really get inspired by fun prints. I try to grab coordinating solids when I can, but the prints are really where I have the most fun. I got really lucky this last run and was able to grab most of this form one trip.




This green one is one of my new favorites. I love the color and the little feathers! There were 2 yards left, but at $4 a yard, it was on the top end of my fabric budget, especially if I wanted to get all the others I had picked out. I opted to only get a single yard, and really wish I would have just bought what was left. That’s the only bad thing about shopping the clearance stuff. Often times, if you don’t buy it now, it wont be there when you go back for it.


These three I thought went together really well! I have them set together in hopes Iucan find one more patterned fabric that would go well with it. I think I wan tto turn this into a quilt.


This was everything after it was ironed and color sorted. I’m still not sure if I want to separate it all just by color, or by prints in one pile, and solids in another. How do you separate your fabrics? I would love suggestions!



Last but not least, was my nerdy find of the month.




I knew they had lots of licensed character prints, but i had NO idea they made Zelda fabric!!! When I saw that little Triforce peaking out from the remnant bin, I’m pretty sure I audibly squealed. Then the fabric on the left was just being cut, and I was bale to snag it too. I think they go well together. I’m not sure what I will do with them, but something awesome will come from it, I’m sure!

My wonderful husband is thrilled that I have taken such a love of sewing. He is so supportive in everything I do, and likes to help when he can. He found this great stand to organize my thread on. It sits on the corner of my sewing table, and is a happy little reminder of fun projects to come.



Now that its March, I got to wrap up my first month of Lara Casey’s Powersheets, and start the next month’s for March. It was such a propelling experience sitting down and evaluating my goals and priorities. I have made real, measurable progress in the things I set out to do. Which for me is fantastic! Normally I will dive into something for a week or so, then let it fall by the wayside for months.  The Powersheets have been the key to my success, I’m sure of it. I really look forward to continuing with them , and watching myself grow.


Do you have a goal that you want to accomplish for March? How do you plan to work towards it? Comment below!


As always, thanks for stopping by! I’m thinking I might share some of the fun things I like to collect for the next update. We’ll see! Till next time!



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Two weeks! Eeep! Sorry for getting behind! To make up for it, I have a HUGE post today!

So, first off will be my latest sewing project! I saw a great pin on Pinterest about a thing to hold the plastic grocery bags in. Right now, mine are all stuffed into a corner in the pantry, so I knew I would get use out of it. Yes, I do have the reusable bags in the car, but I only ever seem to remember to bring them in half of the time. I reuse the plastic bags for many different things though, so I don’t feel so bad when I opt for them. I drew up my plans and figured out my measurements in my notebook.




I struggled with my fabric choice on this one to be honest. I have lots of pretty colors, but none of which would have looked good in mt kitchen. I then remembered that I had found a cute baby sling at the thrift store, and was going to try to resell it, but instead, I decided to use it for this project.




Its a really fun pattern, and the fabric was thicker than my regular cotton. So, I proceeded to rip the seams, and iron it out. I decided on a plain black for the straps. I sewed  the straps with a 1/4 in. Seam, and turned them right side out. I cut the fabric for the body of the bag, and was really fortunate in that it already had a nice hem on both ends, one of which was large enough for my elastic! I found the middle of the body, and placed the strap like so, and sewed it on.




Next time, I think I will move the straps farther away from the edge, as when it was finished, it placed the seam on the side instead of the back, but it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. After this, it was a matter of pulling the elastic through the bottom hem, and sewing the body together! It was that easy!




Tada!! The whole thing took maybe 30 minutes to make. I’m really pleased with how it came out!




I put the bags in it, and tried it out! Success!! So that was my creative venture for the week, but I also have a new obsession…


I have been an avid World of Warcraft player for YEARS. I love mmorpg’s. But that being said, there has been something really lacking in WoW for the past few expansions. As such, it hold less and less of my attention, and I haven’t played in months now. I really did miss playing some sort of MMO though. My husband and I were walking though Best Buy the other day, and I saw Final Fantasy XIV had a new expansion out. I played a free trial of the game a few years back and remembers that I really enjoyed it, but because I was raiding in WoW, I didn’t want to have to pay for two game subscriptions if I wasn’t going to have the time to enjoy them both, so Final Fantasy fell by the wayside. My husband was interested in the game, so we decided to give it a go for a month.

Oh man.

This game…





We got into a great Free Company, which is like a guild from Wow. The game itself is absolutely stunning. The visuals are awe-inspiring, and the music is beautiful. I have loved the Final Fantasy series for its earlier iterations, and so this game really hit the spot. One of the features that I really love is that you only need one character. Unlike other games, where you make a character and they can only be one class, IN FFXIV, your character can be every class, its just a matter of the type of weapon you have equipped. Its fantastic! I’ll definitely post more as we get farther into the game!


That being said, playing such an immersive game, means sitting at the computer for a long period of time, and its so hard to play games and not idly snack while you do. So, I made a compromise to myself. If I was going to play the game, I needed to set some time aside to do something active. I have a treadmill in my office, so I decided that that was going to be my tool for success. I unburyied it from the piles of fabric and clothes and gave it a good cleaning. I have always wanted to be able to run, but being so out of shape and overweight, its not something I could just dive right into. I had heard lots of great things about several apps and programs, but the one that stuck out most in my mind is the Couch to 5K program, or C25K. It was free on the app store, and really easy to use






its designed for someone with no physical activity, to just get up, and start. That’s pretty much sums up my activity level, so I thought it would be a good place to start. I had a quick chat with my doctor to make sure it was OK for me to start, and it was a go.


Week 1 Day 1. it starts you out with a brisk 5 minute warm up walk, and then alternating jogging for a minute, and walking for 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes, then a 5 minute cool down period. Sounds easy enough right?




I was sweating like a pig after the warm up, and then after my first minute jog, I couldn’t catch my breath. I was amazed at how hard this was for me to do, and it was only the first day! I made it halfway through the workout before I had to stop. Instead of getting discouraged that I couldn’t finish, I was proud that I had tried. If I keep at it, it will get easier, its just going to take time and perseverance.


I am aiming for 3 days a week to start out. This way, I’ll have a rest day in between until I get used to being more active. Today was day 3 for me, and you know what? I finished the Week 1 Day 1 workout!! It was a challenge, that’s for sure, but I did it! I’m going to repeat this workout for a few days, before I progress to day 2, and we’ll see where it goes from there.


So! There you have it! Progress all around! Let me know if you decided to make the bag holder like I did! Do you play FFXIV? What class is your favorite? If you want to do the C25K with me, comment below with your progress!


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