Knowing is Half the Battle

My weekend was full of ups and downs with my thrift store finds. Thanks to Ebay being on the fritz, It took me over 5 hours to print labels for my outgoing packages. So my treasure hunt got to a slow start. When I finally arrived, everything had been pretty picked over. So I made my usual rounds around the store, hoping that a new cart of goodies would come out soon.  After about an hour with no luck whatsoever, I decide to call it and head to my next store.


That’s when I saw it.

The card ahead of me had a red box in it. I only saw a small amount of the typeface, but I recognized it instantly. It read GI Joe. Now, I will be honest with you. I know close to nothing about GI Joe, aside from that people still collect them. So I grabbed it and looked inside, only to be more surprised. There were about 16 Joes, and a ton of random accessories. With the price tag that was way more than reasonable, it was a an easy decision to take them home. I had no luck again at my other usual spot, and I chalked it up to going so late in the day. So I took my new buddies home and started to do the research.Joesjoes 3  joes2

According to Wikipedia, GI Joes were created by Hasbro in 1964 and centered around the large 12 inch dolls. The line was relaunched in 1982 with the ever popular 3 3/4 inch models and came with a slew of accouterments like play sets and vehicles. There was a story added to the mix about the struggle between the GI Joe team and Cobra Command. Since then there have been TV shows, comic, and movies about the popular toy.

I found a website that was a really helpful database of all the merchandise. A huge thanks to for keeping such an excellent site! I was able to identify most of the Joes, and am still figuring out which accessories I have and who they belong to. Some of the figures can bring a pretty penny, and even more surprising, is many of the accessories are worth more than the figures themselves! A word of caution though! The inside of the Joes are held together by a plastic string of sorts. Over time, that can become brittle and easily breakable. I learned this one the hard way. So take care when handling them!

So all in all, I may have to hold onto these guys for a little while, but it should prove to be a nice little return if I find the right buyer. Plus, I got to learn something cool about a toy I had no idea about.

Any questions? Comments? Just leave a comment below! Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check back on Thursday when I do my first “Pinthrift” challenge!


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Welcome to Fox & Wren!

Well… here goes nothing!


A new year gives a new lease on life, or so they say. A change in circumstance has brought me to be a stay at home mom-not-mom as we call it. The bills still need to get paid, so I have become thew newest resident in the world of flipping. I have always enjoyed yard sales and thrift stores. I was brought up that way. I view it as a treasure hunt. You never know what you will find, and for what price. Yes, there are thrift stores full of ancient junk that should probably be put out of it misery, but then there are the gems that are set apart by the others. Friends cannot believe that some of the things I come home with came from the thrift store and that I got them for pennies compared to thier original retail price. Gucci rain boots? check. Designer purses? Check. A bag of vintage toys that was intermitently strewn with cash? Yeah, well check that one off too. Then there are the awesome vintage finds. Silk dresses that would have been work to cocktail parties, Jewelry that had to have at one time been a family heirloom, Antique furniture that has seen how many years of love and use, Can you imagine the stories that some of these things could tell if they could? This is part of what drives my passion. I love things.


So, I hope you will join me in my thrifty journey. My blog here will be updated at least twice a week. Ideally Tuesday and Thursday. I’ll showcase my recent finds, some history about the items, and my tales of success or woe in trying to find them new homes. I’ll give up some tricks to finding the good stuff, and how to weed though the junk, and what to do with it once you find it. I’ll host a shop in a perfect world, where you can be the proud new owner of some of these finds. In the meantime, , if your curiosity gets the best of you, feel free to browse my eBay.


Thanks for stopping in, and Good Hunting!



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