Welcome Fall!

As a person who has lived in Florida for most of her life, I have a deep-rooted appreciation for well defined seasons. I have always loved Fall because it was just one step closer to Christmas. However now, I can say I love Fall for her own beautiful self. Fall in Virginia means cool weather, warm clothes, and changing leaves. Its a wonderful thing.

I have really struggled with motivation to do much of anything lately, but I did manage to get my Fall decorations down from the attic and finally get put them up. I adore decorating for the seasons, but The Fall-Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas gambit is my absolute favorite. The house really feels like home this time of year. I love collecting fun knickknacks throughout the year and finally getting to give them a proper home once the season permits. I have always loved the little wooden blocks that had quotes and sayings on them, and with the completion of my first woodworking project, I had a few end pieces that I thought I could make use out of. So, I stained them with the leftover stain, and took my faithful sharpie to map out the letters. I’m really happy with the end result. <3


So, Welcome Fall! Bring on the pumpkins!

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Its only an eye after all.

I woke up one morning last week, and couldn’t open one of my eyes. It was swollen shut. At first, I thought a cat had pounced on me in the middle of the night, or I had slept on my hand in a funny way and had a black eye. I laughed about it at first, but then get for worse. My vision started to worsen, and it burned. Of course it was its worst on a Sunday when no eye doctor is available, and trying to get into our normal optometrist was going to take a week, so we opted for the local walk in clinic. I was diagnosed with a non specific “eye infection”, was given some antibiotics and sent on my way. Well, it got worse before it got better, and today is the first day that I can open my eye more than half way. (yay!) I don’t know what I would do without my eye sight. Out of all the senses, Its the one I would fear loosing the most, so needless to say, I’m really glad its getting better.  That being said, its been really hard for me to do much of anything that I normally do. Having to superfocus with one eye has given me wicked headaches, and I didn’t want to work with any fabric since I have a tendency to scratch my eye without thinking. So, I was able to watch um on some Netflix since I love listening to shows, and spend some quality time on the couch with my dog. I am really looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule though. With it officially being Fall, I need to get to work on Holiday crafts.


So from my house to yours, Happy Fall!!! Let the Pumpkin Spice be plentiful, the leaves be colorful, and the weather warrant Beautiful boots and scarves.




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I did it again…

At least it wasn’t for a year this time!


Things pile up and life has a way to make so much happen all at once. Sure I have a to do list, and you bet making a blog post was on near every one. I have the stuff to write about, but some form of opposition would meet me at every turn, and I’d fall back into the ” I’ll just do it tomorrow” spiral. Previously, I would beat myself up about this for months, and finally just give up. I always hated that about myself, so the only way to change, is to do. So here’s a post, albeit small, lacking real content, but a post none the less. I’m not going to be disappointed  in myself, because that only feeds the negativity. Instead, I will be proud that I can identify something I don’t like, but have the courage and grace to try and change it.


Anyway! Things to come!


  • Bullet Journal
  • Woodworking
  • Quilts!
  • Hand Lettering
  • Christmas gift ideas ( plan early my friends…)
  • Warcraft and Legion
  • Personal griefs and Triumphs


Till then. <3



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