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Today I was on my way to the thrift store when I saw this sign on the way. Turns out a brand new quilt shop just opened up right under my nose! I put plans on hold and stopped in to check it out. I was immediately greeted by the smiling face of Terry, and we talked about all the things the great little shop has to offer. Classes, Meetups, Clubs, they have it! I’m really excited to check them out, Particularly this “Unfinished Objects” class, or UFO they have going on. For someone like me, who will start a bajillion things, then never finish, this sounds like it was made for me. They also have a “Block of the month” for the quilters, where you get a pattern and kit to make the said block, then they all come together to make a quilt. I really want to give this a shot after I learn the quilting basics, which Terry eagerly said she would show me how to do. The shop is all about promoting local business, as shown by some of the collections they have for sale. I took a peak around, and they have some absolutely stunning fabric.20160204_134530


These were some of my favorites. I’m in love with those graduating chevrons… I want to make something with them something fierce.

20160204_134455 20160204_134448


These were more of the finished products, and the patters to go along with them. Just being around such an awesome place filled me with excitement and inspiration. I grabbed a calendar, and can’t wait to get started. My plans for the thrift store were long forgotten at this point. I went straight home and dove into my fabric bin to start a new project. I would really like to make something to hold my headphones in, and a sleeve for my rotary cutter. I have a few ideas on my Pinterest page. I’m washing my fabric now, and plan on getting an early start tomorrow.


So, If you happen to be in the Chesterfield area of Virginia, I would HIGHLY recommend you stop by this lovely little place.  Check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/materialthingsva .



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  1. Thank you so much for the visit today. You are a great lady. I love the blog and wish you much success. I look forward to working with you on your new quilt project. Thank you again.

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