It all started with the rocks…

I have always been a collector of things .  I remember being very little and collecting rocks from everywhere we went. In fact, there was a family trip to the Grand Canyon, and I must have only been 4 or 5. But I remember pick up so many rocks I filled my pockets, then my cousins pockets. So much so that we couldn’t walk without our pants falling to our ankles. My mother was worried about why we were falling so far behind, until she saw all the rocks. She laughed and laughed, but ultimately made us empty or pockets. Its odd to think that out of all the majesty the Grand Canyon had to offer, all I can remember are those silly rocks in my pockets.



Nowadays I can identify that I have a tendency to collect  a dangerously large amount of things. I like to have them out and to look at them. I attach memories to them and they make me smile. I cant seem to limit myself to just one genre either. I have a bunch of retro video games and systems, Star Wars T-shirts,  books and comics, Vintage jewelry, and art nouveau sterling serving dishes to name a few. As of recently though, I have been rather obsessed with action figures. With the relaunch of Sailor Moon last year, the amount of new merchandise has shot through the roof. A very dear friend of mine bought me the Bandai Tamashii Nations Sailor Moon S.H. Figurearts Action Figure. She was highly detailed, and was fully poseable with different hands and faces. I thought this was the bees knees. I promptly ordered a few more, and my dive into action figures was complete. Since Sailor Moon is so near and dear to my heart, I will usually lean towards those first, but I have also since gotten a Card Captor Sakura Figurearts, and was just as happy. I also have a love for Asuna from Sword Art Online. I think she had a really awesome character design, and liked her character as a whole, so I have a few figures of her as well.










This is one of the shelves in my office. I absolutely adore the Kallax/Expedit shelves from Ikea. We may or may not own at least three of them. As you can see, its really busy. This bad boy houses a few of the things that I have carried with me since I was young, and doubt I will ever get rid of, and some newer additions as well. It is a royal pain to clean and dust, but I would much rather deal with that then to just keep everything in a box somewhere. Some of my favorite things on here are my Yuna figure, the Gold Zelda cartridge, the moogle mug, and the lightsaber hilt that my father and I built together. If you have any questions about anything, or want to see more, let me know!



This weekend is going to be a busy one for us. We are meeting a friend and her family for lunch, then delving into some long overdue home repair projects. I also started a new sewing project that I cant wait to share the details about!


That, and there will always be some time for some Pokemon!

One last thought, Did you know Pandora has a station dedicated to video game music? I stumbled on it today, and must say it shows some amazing promise. With a little tweaking for likes and dislikes here and there it makes the absolute PERFECT background music if you don’t want to be distracted.  Check it out!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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