If at first you don’t succeed

The last sewing project I did was the case for my earbuds, and its epic failure left me frustrated. I kept thinking about where I went wrong, and how I could fix it. I didn’t have another zipper to make the exact case again, so I pulled out my composition book and designed a new one. I recently got a bag of snaps, and a snap tool for an upcoming project for a friend, and wanted to try it out first. I sketched out a small envelope style case that would have a snap closure, and really liked the idea. So, I grabbed some fabric and got to work, determined to make up for my lack of success last time. Try, Try again right?




I opted to make a pattern of sorts instead of just measuring out things with a ruler. My big oops here, was again, Somehow I forgot to double check my measurements before I cut the fabric, and where I had initially wanted the fabric to be 6″ by 4″, I drew something by eye, and got excited when the size looked right. It was’t until I had already cut everything that I realized it looked small for some reason. Now, like I had said before, ” do it right, don’t take a shortcut”. I didn’t want to waste the fabric I had just cut, and I figured that if it was going to be too small I would need to cut more fabric anyway, I should sew this one and make sure that my fabrication was correct. So, I went to town.


I initially sewed the front and back together using the “right sides together, then turn and hand sew shut” method. But once I tried to put the two pieces together, I realized that there would be no way to have a finished edge this way. So I ripped out 3 of the sides, making note of the ones side that would need to remain finished. I then sewed them together again, added the detail to the edge, and applied the snap.








I don’t think I can properly iterate how totally thrilled I am with how this project came out. Not only did it end up being the perfect fit for my headphones, but its the first thing that I have made that looks pretty polished. I think its really cute, and cant wait to make another one like this for my business cards.


My biggest tips that I attribute to my success here?


  1. The “pattern”  – This made sure that the pieces I cut out were identical.
  2. Ironing my seams – I’m always so afraid I’m going to burn my fingers doing this, but I ironed all my seams open on this one, and I can really see where that helped to give it the polised feel.
  3. Patience – I really took my time. It was pretty much all straight seams, but I went nice and slow.



Also, my sewing buddy, Kora. She helped bunches too.




Thanks for stopping by! Check back again soon!



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  1. Yay, those snaps are so cute! I’m glad you got to use the snap tool before the unpaper towels 😀 How is it? Is it hard to push down and get it together?

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