I did it again…

At least it wasn’t for a year this time!


Things pile up and life has a way to make so much happen all at once. Sure I have a to do list, and you bet making a blog post was on near every one. I have the stuff to write about, but some form of opposition would meet me at every turn, and I’d fall back into the ” I’ll just do it tomorrow” spiral. Previously, I would beat myself up about this for months, and finally just give up. I always hated that about myself, so the only way to change, is to do. So here’s a post, albeit small, lacking real content, but a post none the less. I’m not going to be disappointed ┬áin myself, because that only feeds the negativity. Instead, I will be proud that I can identify something I don’t like, but have the courage and grace to try and change it.


Anyway! Things to come!


  • Bullet Journal
  • Woodworking
  • Quilts!
  • Hand Lettering
  • Christmas gift ideas ( plan early my friends…)
  • Warcraft and Legion
  • Personal griefs and Triumphs


Till then. <3



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