Knowing is Half the Battle

My weekend was full of ups and downs with my thrift store finds. Thanks to Ebay being on the fritz, It took me over 5 hours to print labels for my outgoing packages. So my treasure hunt got to a slow start. When I finally arrived, everything had been pretty picked over. So I made my usual rounds around the store, hoping that a new cart of goodies would come out soon.  After about an hour with no luck whatsoever, I decide to call it and head to my next store.


That’s when I saw it.

The card ahead of me had a red box in it. I only saw a small amount of the typeface, but I recognized it instantly. It read GI Joe. Now, I will be honest with you. I know close to nothing about GI Joe, aside from that people still collect them. So I grabbed it and looked inside, only to be more surprised. There were about 16 Joes, and a ton of random accessories. With the price tag that was way more than reasonable, it was a an easy decision to take them home. I had no luck again at my other usual spot, and I chalked it up to going so late in the day. So I took my new buddies home and started to do the research.Joesjoes 3  joes2

According to Wikipedia, GI Joes were created by Hasbro in 1964 and centered around the large 12 inch dolls. The line was relaunched in 1982 with the ever popular 3 3/4 inch models and came with a slew of accouterments like play sets and vehicles. There was a story added to the mix about the struggle between the GI Joe team and Cobra Command. Since then there have been TV shows, comic, and movies about the popular toy.

I found a website that was a really helpful database of all the merchandise. A huge thanks to for keeping such an excellent site! I was able to identify most of the Joes, and am still figuring out which accessories I have and who they belong to. Some of the figures can bring a pretty penny, and even more surprising, is many of the accessories are worth more than the figures themselves! A word of caution though! The inside of the Joes are held together by a plastic string of sorts. Over time, that can become brittle and easily breakable. I learned this one the hard way. So take care when handling them!

So all in all, I may have to hold onto these guys for a little while, but it should prove to be a nice little return if I find the right buyer. Plus, I got to learn something cool about a toy I had no idea about.

Any questions? Comments? Just leave a comment below! Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check back on Thursday when I do my first “Pinthrift” challenge!


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