So, that was awkward…

Time flies, that’s for sure. It’s been a year since I posted here, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t check back weekly.

Here’s the thing, I was so stressed out about doing this whole website blog thing right, that I completely talked myself out of doing it at all. Every week, I would check back, and beat myself up over not doing anything. It’s time to change that. I’m not doing this for any kind of outward success, but for myself. So, while posting may be sparatic, and about random things until I figure out what direction I really want to head in, at least there will be posts. What spurred this on you probably aren’t asking? Well, I went to a thing yesterday and man was it awkward, but in a good way.


I’ve been a stay at home “Mom-not-Mom” for a whole year now. I have no kids of my own so I’m not a mom. I have step kids, but they are all adults, so I’m kind of sort of a mom in that sense. I have pets, so I’m a pet parent, but that just sounds weird when you tell people your kids are the two cats and the puppy at home. So the family coined the phrase Mom-Not-Mom. I guess the term nowadays is “Homemaker” . Anyway, TLDR is that I spend 90% of my time at home. All my friends live in different states. I’m really introverted, so going out an meeting new people is hard. I don’t drink, My free time is usually when everyone else is working, and being married with no kids provides very slim pickings for opportunities to make new friends. I’ve started looking for meetups and whatnot, but haven’t had much luck. So, I found a group on Facebook that was all about “Creative Entrepreneurs, Weekend Warriors, and Small Business CEOs to grow and thrive in the spirit of Community over Competition.” They meetup once a month, and I had psyched myself out about about the last 3 meetings. The latest one was all about setting goals, and ‘Re-starting” and it was their first morning meeting, so I figured what the heck. I got up, got ready and drove myself out there.

I drove around the parking lot a good 6 times before I finally parked, then sat in the car for 15 minutes trying to give myself a pep talk. Walked halfway there, then ran back to the car, and then finally made myself walk back and go in. So its a pretty safe bet to say I was crazy nervous. The moment I opened the door, I knew I was waaaaaaaaay out of my mental element. There I was in jeans and my favorite Star Wars t shirt, and staring at me was a scene that belonged in magazines or movies. This home was one of the most glamorous places I’ve seen. Everything was spotless, and perfectly on trend. The ladies were bedecked in designer clothes and dripping in diamonds and gemstones, perfect hair and nails abound. But, I had already opened the door, and they had seen me, so I couldn’t exactly walk back out the door without absolutely hating myself for it. Smiles were exchanged, and conversations continued on like it was nothing. I locked eyes with the bottles of water in the kitchen, and made a slow and calculated beeline straight for them. Something to hold in my hands would help my nerves, plus give me something to figit with. Fiji water acquired, the inevitable “I’m just going to stand here because I don’t know anyone” stance occurred. I was dying a little inside by the minute as the tsunami of my anxiety raged inside my head. Then, out of nowhere, someone came up and said hello. She introduced herself and one of her friends and we began to talk. They were new to the group as well, and were really intimidated by the large amount of unknown faces, though to me I never would have guessed it.  The more we talked the more people began to come over, and the more my inner voice that was having a mental breakdown relaxed. I found out that most everyone in the group were tied to the wedding industry. Most of them were photographers, and event planners. It was amazing! After another 15 minutes or so of chitchat, the groups organizer and host gathered our attention, and gave a little talk to start us out. It was really awesome to hear how much they were purveyors of empowerment. They really wanted to push the Community over Competition. I found that really refreshing.  And with that, we split up into groups.

We had the smallest group, 5 ladies including myself. We consisted of a wedding planner, a photographer, a graphic designer, and a lighting specialist. It was so inspiring to see these people who took the plunge to start their own businesses, and they were all my age too. We had a guided discussion about goals, and ways to help keep those goals in our minds, and how to help keep ourselves accountable for those goals. We all picked a word that was meant to inspire ourselves and our businesses for the year. I wrote it off at first, but the more I thought about it the more I realized it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I chose “follow-through”. Everyone thought it was great! I was really surprised! Then we talked about the struggle of following through. Everyone had issues with this at one point in time, but yet they all overcame it. It bolstered me to see these successful people admitting that they had the same thoughts as I was having, but there was a way to persevere through it. One of the women said that “You have to tell yourself over and over that ‘Done is Better than Perfect’. After all, if you think your making progress because your’re thinking about something, but it never actually gets done, how does that make you any better than the person that is actually doing, though it may not be great? You’re worse than that at that point.” That resounded with me and my plans so much. After all, even failure is progress in a sense, where lack of actual action is nothing. I was told to read a book called “Make It Happen” by Lara Casey, and about her magical tools called Powersheets. The second Powersheets were mentioned, there was a wave through the house of instant praise and adoration for them, and for good reason. These things are AMAZING. Trying to get your hands on them right now is near impossible they are so good. Go check them out. Seriously.

By this time, everything was wrapping up. We all exchanged business cards and some more pleasantries and I headed home. I was so so so glad I went. Sure I didn’t exactly fit in with a lot of their business, but at some base level, the foundations are all the same. I came away with a TON of knowledge and inspiration. I felt really good about myself, and my plans. So, that’s what led me back here.

Done is Better Than Perfect. My posts will not be anywhere near perfect. I will make huge glaring mistakes. But, that’s where experience comes from. I will learn along the way. If you have tips, tricks, suggestions, comments, or anything, Let me know, I need all the advice I can get.


So, people of the internet, I ask you this. What keeps you motivated to follow-through with something?



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