Snow day? How about a Sew Day!

My amazing husband gave me a new sewing machine for Christmas this year, and I have been positively itching  to play with it. Sewing has always been a skill I have wanted to learn. My Mother has an amazing gift, and some are my earliest memories are of things she had sewn for me, and me watching her at her machine. From Halloween costumes, to Renaissance Fair gowns, and just about any other project I had in my mind, I would run to her and ask if she could make it, and she would roll her eyes and she would make it happen. I have always wanted to be able to mend clothes, but as the prospect of a family comes closer and closer, I would really like to be able to do for my future kids what my mom did for me. So, with my new Janome all set up and ready to go, I took the dive and started somewhere.

I spent a good hour reading the manual and trying to familiarize myself with the machine, and had some scrap fabric to test out different stitches. I knew going into my project that I wanted something simple, quick and easy, and with one of my best friends having a baby recently, I’ve been all about the baby blankets.

20160128_160919If I learned anything from browsing on Reddit, it was to put the finished product first…

So, First step was to wash my fabric, and iron it out.  I believe I used 1 yard each of snuggle flannel that was on sale.  I then laid it out and trimmed it square, making sure my right sides were together (Its inside out).



Next, I pinned the two layers together!


Now…. TO THE SEWING MACHINE!!! I read a really great tip for beginners was to put a line of painters tape on where you wanted the end of your fabric to be, so help you with a straight and even seam. It worked wonders for me! This was somewhere around 1/2 to 1/4 inch.

20160126_170159 20160126_164458


Slow and steady wins the race for me until I get more practice. I sewed around the whole thing, being careful to pull out my pins as I went along. I left about a 4 inch gap so I could get my hand in to turn it right side out.when I noticed….


I was naughty and used the image on the fabric instead of my tape guide, and my seam went waaaaay off. That little blue ting is a seam ripper. Its my best friend and worst enemy. I spent the next 30 minutes tearing out the last foot or two of stitches. Apparently this is a part of sewing, and my mom told me to get used to it… lol


So I redid that seam, and turned it rightside out, making sure that I made the corners as square as I could. I then did another line around the blanket to give it a look and feel like there was a binding to it.

And here she is!

20160128_160806 20160128_160844


Im so proud of my silly little project, and cant wait to go make something else. I want to make another of of these, but make it my size and try my hand at embroidering some designes on it, or to actually try to quilt it. Who knows!  I do see a trip to the fabric store in my future this weekend though. <3


Have a great weekend everyone! Till next time!



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