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So. About me…

My name is Amanda and I live in Virginia. I know everyone always says it, but my husband really is my best friend.  I love to shop at thrift stores, and to share some of the cool finds that are to be had. I love video games, and fully embrace my nerdy side. Sailor Moon is pretty much the coolest things ever, ( always has been, always will be!) Raichu is my favorite Pokemon, Final Fantasy X and Zelda: Ocarania of Time continually battle for my favorite game of all time. Ghibli movies make me cry, and the battle of a World of Warcraft addiction is real. If I could walk around in Storm Trooper armor all day, I probably would. That being said, I would love to get into cosplay someday, and am trying to learn how to sew. I love being surrounded by things, and tend to walk the very fine line between “collector” and “hoarder”.  I really enjoy vintage inspired clothes and jewelry.  I’m the proud pet parent of two feisty cats, and a Golden Retriever. I love to craft and do artsy things, though many projects end up in the perpetual “I’ll finish it later” bin.


Any questions, or ever just want to chat, shoot me an email! I always love making new friends. <3

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